Cozy up in style with this range of high quality Fraas scarves for women. From tartan to printed patterns this collection has you covered!

Remake yourself without losing your own style. Remain loyal without being predictable. Emphasize your personality without looking dressed up. FRAAS awakes luxury to life and reflects in each of its single jewels the individual style of her enthusiasts. Brand Yourself becomes life philosophy.

Thorns of gentleness.
The countless barbs of a thistle are the secret of the incomparable litheness of silky shining cashmere. For centuries, this prickly plant has been used in the weaving mill for production and refining of fine material. For FRAAS it is indispensable even today and is found in the brand name – as a symbol for tradition of handicraft and highest quality.

Variety of the unique.
Timeless elegance and current fashion trends. The result of this unique combination is exclusive scarves, cloths or capes which give quite a personal note to an outfit. Whether glamorous or casual, classical or modern, sporty or elegant: FRAAS offers the ideal accessory for every personality, every style and every occasion.

Feelings to touch.
Camel hair, silk, cashmere, bamboo. Although the materials of the FRAAS accessories are varied, they have one thing in common: exclusive quality. All products are made from the finest materials, with love of detail and the highest craft skill. Every single one inspires individual interpretations and creative combinations.

Traditionally young.
Tradition and innovation. Two elements which hardly seem to be compatible for a young brand. Nevertheless, FRAAS has been delivering the rebutting evidence from range to range since 2006. The FRAAS brand symbolizes a nearly 130-year-old tradition: V. Fraas with its subsidiary Jammers & Leufgen. The family enterprise has designed textile accessories whose special quality is appreciated by exclusive brands worldwide. Exactly what makes V. Fraas the market leader today.