I make it my goal to bring affordable unique pieces of jewelry to the market. My philosophy is simple; make inspirational jewelry that can be worn everyday or special occasions!“Taking inspiration from everything in my life, I incorporate leather, pewter, natural gemstones, czech crystals, pearls and much more into my designs. InspireDesigns has grown so fast that I am now lucky enough to have two of my dear friends working with me! Sandy Kapish and Jackie Leddy joined InspireDesigns last year and will continue to be a valuable part of all we do.

So many people in my life have been instrumental in making InspireDesigns what it has become. The sweet and inspired stories I hear from clients about what their jewelry means to them or who they gave it to as gifts means so much to me and keeps me motivated to continue on this journey. InspireDesigns is “fanci-ful jewelry for the soul”!

~Sherri Murphy