Fall Fashions

Who’s Ready for Fall

fringed sweater vestSeptember means the end of summer and the beginning of Fall or for fashionistas it means LAYERING! A great season for picking up some new staples and reorganizing your wardrobe. Leggings are still in, as are boots so don’t panic! Long sweaters are a must and fringe is EVERYWHERE. However, you should use it sparingly!

Here are some “spotted on the runway” from Fashion Spot

Fall 2015 was ripe with trends. You name it, we spotted it: peekaboo lace, embellished heels, fur stoles, statement earrings, mod squad minis, flair trousers. There were macro trends (the 70s, we see you) and micro ones (colorblock boots, anyone?) and then there were just plain wacky ones — raise your hand if you’re going to “runway-to-reality” your manicured tootsies into a pair of fur shoes. We didn’t think so. With so many choices and so little time, we plucked the biggest (and most wearable) fall fashion trends for 2015, so you didn’t have to.

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