Who We Carry

Visit our boutique for these designer brands and more. From casual every day separates to trendsetting favorites. We are committed to bringing you the latest styles every season from your favorite designers.

Nic+Zoe Womens Wear


NIC+ZOE is an American fashion brand whose close-knit company is widely recognized for its innovation, quality, function and style.

Tribal Inc


Tribal is dedicated to providing relevant separates and sportswear for the modern woman.

Johnny Was Collection


JOHNNY WAS has been embraced by free-spirited and confident women who are drawn to the brand’s unique signature aesthetic.

Lisette L clothing


The Lisette brand began as a dream that both Lisette Limoges and her husband, Neil Small, shared for many years while representing other companies.

Jude Connally womens clothing


The Jude Connally brand is inspired by real women. With a fit for every body type, every woman’s spirit will shine when wearing Jude Connally.

Renuar clothing


The Renuar label is a versatile group of related separates and sportswear for today’s active and modern woman.

NYDJ - not your daughters jeans


NYDJ was founded in Los Angeles, USA, in 2003. The brand derived from the search for the perfect jeans that did not exist at the time.

Jag Jeans


Jag  addresses something lacking in the market – high quality denim, contemporary styling, and a fit designed for every woman’s shape, without ever being boring.

Cut Loose Womens clothing


Cut Loose is an extensive line of casual clothing that’s sewn and dyed to order in San Francisco. We’re known for our fabrics, our flattering fit, and our colors.

Foxcroft women's clothing


We believe that style is much more than what you’re wearing. True style comes from confidence and comfort, which can be credited to the impeccable design, fit and quality fabrics of Foxcroft.

Ivy Jane and Uncle Frank


So what continues to inspire me today to design Ivy Jane Clothes?  Just about anything and everything.

Tyler Boe clothing


tyler böe is a refreshingly chic collection of sportswear designed for today’s modern, yet refined woman.

Lilla P womens clothing


Inspired by the modern woman, Lilla P is a collection that is perfectly tailored for a casual lifestyle.

Conrad C womens clothing


Conrad C is a lifestyle. Conrad C is a feeling. Conrad C is the look and feel that today’s woman is waiting for.

Donna Morgan dresses


Donna Morgan is a versatile brand that brings individuality and chic pieces to today’s modern woman.

Adventura clothing


Aventura clothing designs, makes and sells comfortable clothing with an active focus while being thoughtful to both people and the environment.

Neon Buddha clothing


Neon Buddha started with the idea of producing a lifestyle clothing collection for travel, home, work, yoga and you.

Silver Jeans


Silver Jeans Co.™ is an extension of Western Glove Works, a family-owned business that has produced quality denim products since 1921.

joules clothing from Britian


Over 25 Years ago, Tom Joule began selling clothes at outdoor events in Great Britain. Tom knew that his customer were a bright and colorful bunch but their clothing was quite the contrary.

Joseph Ribkoff at Amelias

Joseph Ribkoff

Since 1957 Joseph Ribkoff has been successfully designing collections for women around the world who lead busy lifestyles. The company and collections have been constantly evolving to meet the multidimensional needs of today’s women. Joseph Ribkoff stands out as one of the leading designers in Canadian fashion industry for nearly 60 years and over 64 … Continue reading Joseph Ribkoff

Sympli at Amelias


Jan was inspired to create a collection that focused on simplicity and an honest fit. Her mission was to address the needs of every woman regardless of age, shape, size, or style. Therein lay the vision for Sympli, a brand embodying comfort, effortless care and most importantly, an authentic fit that is crafted with every … Continue reading Sympli

Lysee leggings


You’re not wrong. You just have nothing that goes from morning errands to business meeting to date night. Nothing that survives a coffee spill without a trip to the dry cleaner. And certainly, nothing that fashionably disguises a little tummy.   

Clara Sun Woo

Clara Sun Woo

The Clara Sunwoo collection combines two generations of fashion expertise. Each piece is tailored to drape softly focusing on precision and fit. Our signature soft stretch knit fabric conforms to your natural shape for an effortlessly flattering fit. We create custom prints and patterns to make every outfit memorable. 

sharon young at Amelias

Sharon Young

We provide sophisticated, intelligent, designs ranging from casual to elegant women’s wear and accessories. Our lines are featured throughout the U.S., and our regional sales representatives ensure that our designs are available to any prospective customer or buyer.