Conrad C is a lifestyle. Conrad C is a feeling. Conrad C is the look and feel that today’s woman is waiting for. We understand that the “Conrad C” woman has a passion for quality and style, always striving to look and feel her best. We, at Conrad C, recognize and pay attention everyday to our customers’ wants and needs. Our main objective is for each one of our customers to “wear what she loves and love what she wears”.

Conrad C has developed three simple yet fundamental principles: a keen understanding of the consumer and her lifestyle, a commitment to provide today’s woman with a fashionable wardrobe that is both great fitting and comfortable to wear, while at the same time offering an excellence in customer service.

Our highly experienced design team is constantly researching the international markets for major trends and fine fabrics. Each season, the result is a fresh collection of both novel and basic related styles, which includes jackets, pants, blouses and knitwear always featuring the latest trends.