Over 25 Years ago, Tom Joule began selling clothes at outdoor events in Great Britain. Tom knew that his customer were a bright and colorful bunch but their clothing was quite the contrary. So Tom designed 100 bright wellies. They sold like hotcakes and Joules was born.Embrace the color spectrum of family run fashion house Joules. Well known for its bright colors and bold designs, Joules Clothing offers something for everyone from wellies to waistcoats, shirts to shorts. Joules has grown from selling wellies at country and outdoor events to the latest up and coming British brand to hit the mainstream and now offer a full clothing range. This fun and playful brand is family oriented and wholesome – evoking thoughts of family days out at the British seaside, or rambling through the countryside in summer when the skies are blue and the grass is green. Taking traditional country styling and splashing it with a rainbow of colors and prints has secured Joules a place as a household favorite in many homes.