Pure HANDKNIT has been celebrating life’s rich craft of hand knitting every season since our first collection in 1998. We’re truly passionate about knitwear. We individually knit each piece by hand with skill and patience. Designs are created and crafted in 100% Cotton. Whimsical shell, over-sized coconut, hand-punched tin and exclusive ceramic buttons are distinctive to our designs.

At the heart of the Pure HANDKNIT brand are over 4,500 women knitters. Choosing to partner with women knitters in Chiang Mai, Thailand offers these dedicated women the opportunity to continue with this rich tradition. Ethical work standards are fundamental and at the forefront of our management strategy. All of our staff has company paid health care including maternity leave. Education is also a focus of ours. We offer paid continuing education which includes free English classes for all staff, their family and friends. Currently we have several staff completing their master’s degree. Throughout the year any excess yarn is donated to several non-governmental organizations and women’s groups where it is used in income generating projects.